The Sprawling $39M “Villa di Sogni” in Laguna Beach, Recently Featured In Luxatic; Homeowner On Trial For Fraud, Discrimination, & Sexual Harrasment

summer party

The House of Dreams, recently featured in Luxatic,, The OC Register, Orange Coast, and Homes of the Rich, in addition the annual host of Oceana: SeaChange has come under scrutiny as its owner Bruce Cahill faces allegations of fraud, discrimination, and sexual harassment.


Aside from the many lewd accusations which can be found in case No. 8:16-cv-00686-AG-DFM, filed in the United States District Court Central District of California Southern Division, allegedly Cahill would often comment about his own daughter.  He is said to love it when his daughter and her “hot little friends” would swim at “Villa di Sogni;” he always enjoyed it when his daughter brought her young friends to his home.

summer party

One of “Villa di Sogni’s” frequent young guests spoke out recently in The Dirty stating to the contributor, “Nik, have you heard of this guy Bruce Cahill? I went to high school with Cahill’s daughter Kira and I always remember her being a snob. Now she’s friends with Blair Fowler a wannabe YouTube star lol and trying to be an actress or something. Anyways I went to UCI out of high school and sexual harassment was a big thing there and the admin didn’t care. Came across this story in the LA times and even tho Mr. Cahill denies harassing his employee I’m telling you he was such a CREEP when Kira would have people over to her giant house in Laguna. She used to invite a bunch of girls over to swim and he would like stand outside watching us or sit by the pool in his shorts with us in our bikinis and try to talk to us.

The last time our senior year we went to the house Kira got really upset and started yelling at him because she caught him staring thru the upstairs window. There was a girl in our group that stopped hanging out with Kira and I’ve always wondered why. Mr. Cahill always made sure to tell us how much money his house was worth and make jokes about how pretty we would be or when we would turn 18. I guess in HS you don’t really think of this stuff as bad or anything. His wife was really nice, but she seemed to hide when people came over. Anyways dirty army should put this guy and UCI on blast because he’s a dirt bag and so is UCI for letting this guy still be there.”

Die Leistung im Heckenscheren Test

heckenschere test

Auch nicht zu vergessen sind beim Heckenschere Test die Watt Leistung und die Länge des Schwertes, wie man es bei der Heckenschere nennt. Die Leistung wird in Watt angegeben und sollte schon etwas höher angesetzt sein, damit Du auch ordentlich damit arbeiten kannst. Wenn ein Produkt die Leistung nicht angibt, dann solltest Du eher die Finger davon lassen. Ein guter Hersteller steht zu seinem Produkt und gibt Dir als Kunden auch genaue Information darüber. Gute Modelle dieser Art weisen in etwa eine Watt Leistung zwischen 500 und 600 Watt auf. Natürlich gibt es aber auch Scheren, welche etwas darüber bzw. darunter liegen.

Die Länge des Schwertes sollte auch angegeben sein. Je nachdem, wie Deine Hecke aussieht und wie diese geschnitten wird, ist die Länge des Schwertes wichtig. Meist liegt diese Länge zwischen 50 und 55 cm. Sehr gute und hochwertige Produkte haben sogar eine Länge von 55-60 cm oder darüber. Es gibt aber auch Schwerte, welche etwas unter 50 cm liegen. Hier sind dann wieder Deine Vorliebe und Dein Nutzen gefragt. Für kleine Hecken genügt auch ein kurzes Schwert kann man sagen.

Auch nicht zu vergessen ist beim Heckenschere Test von natürlich das Gewicht der Heckenschere selbst. Immerhin musst Du diese während der gesamten Arbeit ja immer in Deinen Händen halten. Wenn das Gewicht zu hoch ist, kann das auf Dauer ganz schön anstrengend werden und für Dich wird es schwierig, die Schere noch ordentlich und richtig zu halten. Wenn Deine Hände ermüden, könnte es schnell passieren, dass Du nachlässig wirst und Dir dadurch auch Verletzungen einholst.

Je geringer das Gewicht der Heckenschere ist, desto besser ist es natürlich für Dich und Deine Hände/Arme. Mit guten 3 Kilogramm bekommst Du ein Mittelklasse Modell schon geliefert. Etwas über 3 Kilogramm liegen die meisten Produkte dieser Art. Es gibt aber auch Produkte aus dem Heckenschere Test, welche etwas weniger Gewicht aufweisen. Hier würde es sich natürlich empfehlen, wenn Du das Produkt in einem Baumarkt oder dergleichen kaufst. So hast Du die Möglichkeit, das Gerät schon einmal in die Hand zu nehmen und zu fühlen, wie es ist, etc. Diesen Umstand hast Du bei einer Bestellung im Internet so natürlich leider nicht gegeben. Wäre aber für Dich vorteilhaft, wenn Du schon ein erstes Gespür dafür bekommst. Demnach ist die Entscheidung auch etwas leichter für Dich.

heckenschere test

Zudem spielt natürlich auch der Motor eine sehr wichtige Rolle. Dieser geht eigentlich schon mit der Watt Leistung einher. Immerhin muss dieser Motor schon eine gute Arbeit verrichten, damit Du Deine Hecken auch bestens trimmen oder stutzen kannst. Auch darauf wird beim Heckenschere Test genauer geachtet.

verschiedene Vorteile im Vergleich

Ein besonderes Highlight bieten natürlich die verschiedenen Geräte. Diese verfügen teilweise über schwenkbare Messer. Dadurch erleichtert sich schon einmal die Arbeit für Dich. Aber so ist es Dir zudem auch noch möglich, dass Du Deine Hecke so schneiden kannst, wie Du es gerne hättest. Damit einhergehen sowohl der Formschnitt, als auch der Rückschnitt. Wichtige Aspekte, welche auf keinen Fall vergessen werden sollten.

Je nachdem, wie das Schwert von der Heckenschere aufgebaut ist, ist es außerdem auch möglich, dass Du auch dicke Äste damit durchtrennen kannst. Ein Umstand, der auch leider des Öfteren vergessen wird, aber nicht vergessen werden sollte. So kannst Du die Heckenschere auch einmal kurz zweckentfremden bzw. hast keine Probleme, wenn sich in Deiner Hecke etwas dickere Äste befinden.

Und als letztes möchten wir noch gerne ganz kurz den Preis anschneiden. Dieser liegt bei den meisten Modellen ziemlich nah beieinander. Ein Modell mit Akku kostet nicht zwangsläufig mehr, als ein Modell, welches elektrisch betrieben wird. Hier kommt es ganz auf den Hersteller und das Produkt bzw. dessen Eigenschaften darauf an.

How to Cheat on Husband and Not Get Caught?

While the infidelities of famous love rat footballers fill the tabloid pages women are actually cheating more on their partners, but they are not getting found out.

So anyway, after our article on married men who want to do the horizontal hula with someone that they are not married to, some women asked what advice we had for women. We just inform you to save yourself for how to cheat on husband and not get caught!

To make sure we don’t get the prudes chasing us down, we should push that we don’t encourage anybody to swindle. It is a dull black market and a wide range of dreadful things occur in dim underworlds where the world is dim and under.

Now that we get to the fun and sleazy part.

If you want to aware of your wife’s cheating you need to know cheating wife relationship advice. Whatever, when you have discovered why you are swindling you need to settle on the correct accomplice. Try not to get a children’s song singing kid with fantastic eyes when all you need is bootie calls and the other way around. Misunderstanding that invalidates the point. I know, the reason the vast majority of you are swindling or need to cheat has nothing to do with the significant other yet more to do with the demonstration of duping. It is the hurry. It is the erring. The reality you are doing some illicit stuff. So the accomplice is a result of the purpose behind conning.

That undeniable one is doing pick a man who is youthful or haughty. He will circumvent boasting and the moment he talks another person will talk and Harare is a minor place. It will get to somebody who will give an awful response and you don’t need that. You need somebody who has as much to lose as you do. In a perfect world another wedded individual would be the business. Unless obviously he is juvenile and pompous also.

Furthermore, with respect to somebody your significant other may know, that is an outright no-no. Keep away from all advances – and there will be a large number of those – from men who are companions with your significant other.

Presently, when you have caught the poor bugger, cover your tracks. Try not to take him to spots where you are probably going to be seen, particularly puts where your better half frequents. Indeed on the off chance that you can abstain from being found in broad daylight with him, the better. Try not to go over the edge however, in the event that individuals realize that you are familiar. Overlooking each other excessive can raise as much doubt as you canoodling in some dull corner of Red Fox or Lime Bar.

Adding to that dependably is distrustful. Be a stickler for detail. Ensure that your story looks at constantly. In the event that you orchestrate a date, ensure that your significant other knows and that you have an exceptionally solid plausible excuse.Discretion is the most important tool. Otherwise if you were planning to leave your husband you wouldn’t be doing an R Kelly and keeping it on the down-low.

And don’t get too confident. A lot of women end up being caught because they take a lot for granted and so they become a bit too reckless.

Do not call your lover from your home phone. I cannot stress this enough. Call him from the office. And if you are going to call him from your mobile phone, do not save his number. Commit it to memory and delete it from your call records. If you can, make sure you switch off your phone at night. If you can’t, tell your other lover he absolutely is not allowed to call you after hours.

If you are going to use email, create a separate account. Gmail, Yahoo and whole lot of other services are free. Make sure they are not your friends on Facebook and there must be absolutely no communication on the social network. Unless you create a separate account where you have a separate life.Which is a bit a twisted if you ask me? But if you have gone so far, who am I to judge?

You can’t afford to take the risk.

The most important of the lot is to make sure that you don’t change. You make sure that your husband still gets what he needs. Most women who cheat end up acting cold and indifferent to their husbands.It’s a cheating wife signs. If you stop giving him attention than your marriage is going disappearing down the sewer and not even Morton Jaffray can clean it.

These are some of the basics one should follow and others you will learn the fly. If you can get these rights then you can be as sleazy as you like. If you get caught, we will read about you in H-Metro.

5 Cheapest Nike Air Zoom Women’s Running Shoes

Nike Air Zoom makes a big appearance another style of lightweight, tech-driven shoe with the UltraReact. Zoom Air — innovation that components pliable filaments to give back the air rise to its regular state — gives noteworthy padding in the heel, however, the shoe needs padding on the toe. Flywire link innovation helps dependability. The Kurim upper was intended to form to the foot after some time. It begins unbelievably hardened, which harms solace and flex, however, is justified regardless of the holdup. The material likewise gives extra toughness on a lightweight upper that incorporates awry binding intended for skew cutting on the court. Buy the best Nike Air Zoom Women’s Running Shoes for the cheapest crazy price.

Top 5 Cheapest Nike Air Zoom Women’s Running Shoes

1. Nike 748589–101 Air Zoom Elite 8 Purple White Womens Running Shoes Sz 12

Nike 748589–101 Air Zoom Elite, Nike 748589–101 Air Zoom Elite, A considerable measure of runners respected the flexible way of the Nike Air Zoom Elite 8, which enabled them to run, prepare and stroll with solace. Many accustomed wells to the diverse shading plans of this shoe, taking note of that they making the most of its engaging outline and eye-getting tints. The fabric like upper unit felt cozy, however not very tight as to feel prohibitive or awkward, as indicated by various commentators. Runners valued the EVA sock liner, which conveyed formed support by taking after the regular state of the heel and curve. The underneath experience was springy yet adjusted, composed a few analyzers. A client remarked that wearing the Air Zoom Elite 8 didn’t make their heel feel any agony, referring to its responsive yet firm mid-sole as the explanation behind it. It was pleasingly lightweight, noted numerous consumers.The outsole’s footing capacity got acknowledgment from fulfilled runners.

2. Nike Air Zoom Elite 7 Hyper Women’s Running Shoe

Light and responsive, to benefit you, quick.

Updated for speed, the Nike Air Zoom Elite 7 Running Shoe is lighter than its antecedent and elements ultra-responsive padding, a brought down counterbalance and another lightweight, breathable upper for quick paced preparing.

Smooth Transitions

The Nike Zoom Air unit in the forefoot conveys responsive, low-profile padding for smoother moves.

Breathability and Support

The single-layer work upper improves ventilation to keep you cool when your run warms up. Flywire coordinated with the bands wraps the midfoot and curve for a dynamic, glove-like fit and lightweight support. Nike Flywire is a lightweight emotionally supportive network with malleable strands that meet up and make the establishment for upper material development.

Low Profile

With a 8mm balance, the new lower froth stature gets you nearer to the ground to empower a more characteristic, productive footstrike.

More Benefits

Ultra-thin outsole adds footing while at the same time keeping weight to a base. Work inward sleeve wraps the foot for a rich fit. Unbalanced binding mitigates bind weight. Inner heel counter for a safe rearfoot fit. Elastic crash rail on the sidelong outsole for delicate, smooth moves. Flex grooves for common, productive scope of movement.

Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 Hyper Cobalt/Bluecap/Blue Tint/White Women’s Running Shoes

Control through your next keep running in the light and dynamic Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 running shoe! This brand is an individual from the Sustainable Apparel Coalition. Lightweight, single-layer Flymesh upper gives ideal breathability and agreeable basic support. Hilter kilter bind up conclusion. Interior heel counter bolts the heel into place. Marginally cushioned tongue and neckline. Breathable texture lining offers an extraordinary in-shoe feel. Removable formed froth insole. Forefoot Nike Zoom Air innovation conveys very responsive padding. Phylon padded sole offers lightweight padding. Elastic crash rail at horizontal outsole advances smoother moves. Delicate blown elastic at the forefoot includes adaptable padding. Imported. Estimations Weight 9 oz Product estimations were taken utilizing size 8, width B — Medium. It would be ideal if you take note of that estimations may differ by size.

Item Dimensions: 13.4 x 9.2 x 4.6 inches

Shipping Weight: 2.5 pounds


Thing model number: 748589–402

Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 Running Shoe — Women’s Copa/Black/Fuchsia Glow/Vivid Purple, 11.0

The Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 Women’s Running Shoe controls your speediest miles with lightweight, very responsive padding, a steady fit and superb footing.


A forefoot Nike Zoom Air unit consolidates pressurized air with inner filaments to convey profoundly responsive padding — and keep you moving quick.


The lightweight, single-layer Flemish upper gives ventilation and bolsters where you require it most. Flywire links wrap the midfoot and curve for a dynamic, glove-like fit.


The outsole is ultra-thin to keep weight low and footing high. Its hexagonal example offers solidness and magnificent hold on an assortment of surfaces.


Awry binding decreases bind weight on the top edge of your foot

Interior heel counter secures the back of your foot

Phylon padded sole gives lightweight padding

Delicate blown elastic on the forefoot for included padding and adaptability

Elastic crash rail on the parallel outsole supports smooth moves

Weight: 244 grams approx. (ladies’ size 5.5)

Counterbalanced: 8mm

Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 Women’s Running Shoes — FA16

Power through your next run in the light and dynamic Nike Air Zoom Running Elite 8 running shoe!.

Flymesh Upper With Flywire Cables — Provides comfortable support.

Asymmetrical Lacing — Helps reduce lace pressure on the top ridge of your foot.

Internal Heel Counter — Secures the back of your foot.

Phylon Midsole — Provides lightweight cushioning.

Forefoot Zoom Air Unit — Delivers highly responsive cushioning.

Soft Blown Rubber On The Forefoot — For added cushioning and flexibility.

Rubber Crash Rail On The Lateral Outsole — Encourages smooth transitions.

Ultra-Thin Outsole — Keeps weight low, traction high.


Hangover Patch Doctor: I Drank A Lot of Shots of Tequila and Felt Great

the hangover patch

There’s been a considerable measure of buzz as of late about Blowfish, the new over-the-counter medication produced using caffeine and ibuprofen that is intended to ease aftereffect indications. Sounds quite cool, no? In any case, then we ran over Bytox, an aftereffect cure fix that you apply before you begin drinking. “Starting at now, a great many people focus on the state of a headache once they have it. Brilliant individuals avoid it,” clarified Leonard Grossman, a New York-based plastic specialist who is likewise a representative for the organization.

We here at Short Order have been through just about every hangover remedy available to mankind — honey, Advil, Alka-Seltzer, Gatorade, more booze, Red Bull, and some crazy drink that you’re actually supposed to mix with alcohol.

While they all work eventually, there’s still that initial down time between when you first wake up head banging and cotton-mouthed and when the aspirin starts to kick in.

When, dear lord, will someone invent something that prevents a hangover?

Enter the Bytox party patch. Think of it as a flu shot for drinkers. The goal is to stop hangovers before they start by pumping a slow and steady stream of B vitamins into your body as you drink — thus supposedly replenishing your body of the essential nutrients you’re taking away by indulging in your bad alcoholic behavior.

the hangover patch work

The patch is designed to be worn 45 minutes before you start drinking, and up to eight hours after you stop. Bytox is available at most grocery stores and the Gansevoort Hotel in New York City. It’s also available online for $2.99 each.

Just in time for New Year’s Eve, Short Order called up the doc behind the patch to find out why he thinks it really works. Dr. Leonard Grossman is a New York plastic surgeon who helped create the patch (as well as being the man who coined the term Brazilian Butt Lift). Dr. Grossman told us how the patch allegedly works and his self-experimentation with hangover cures.

New Times: How did the Bytox hangover patch come about?

Dr. Leonard Grossman: A son of a friend called me up one morning after celebrating the birth of his child a little too much. He was hung over and asked if there was anything I could do, so I called a friend of mine who is into anti-aging hormonal therapy and he said to give him an IV and some thiamine. Two minutes after the IV was started, my friend’s son felt terrific and said why can’t we do this for everybody?

Well, an IV would never work, but I started thinking what else would deliver drugs quickly without having to swallow a pill? A patch would work. I was a bit skeptical myself, at first.

How did you test the patch?

We went out and had a few shots, all in the name of science. I’m well over my college days, and I really only drink wine with my wife. In a matter of one hour, I had six shots of vodka wearing the patch. I was pretty amazed because the next morning I was absolutely crystal clear. We’ve given out thousands of these patches to friends and everyone raves about it. On Halloween, for example, I tried it again. I drank about 12 shots of tequila at a party. The next day I felt so good, I didn’t remember that I drank that much.

Don’t you need FDA approval?

No, because it contains ingredients that are currently available. We do plan to conduct a clinical double blind study, and we have tested The Party Patch on thousands of people.

How exactly does the patch work?

The principle is very simple. When you drink alcohol, your body is depleted of B vitamins and other nutrients, and that affects the central nervous system. The hangover patch is not as quick as an IV, but it does permeate through the skin. And it contains vitamin B-1 (thiamine). So if you wear the patch before you drink as the night progresses, you’re not feeling the effect of drinking.

Watch Women’s March NYC 2017 Live Online, Schedule info

Women's March NYC 2017

Women’s March NYC 2017: Today is the Women’s March on Washington for 2017 and there are sister marches happening all over the country in support of the event. New York City will also be holding a march and the official Facebook event page for it states that, “New York City will proudly join the international community to march in support of equality and promote civil rights for every human. This historic and peaceful event is open to the public and we warmly welcome ALL to participate.”

Women’s March NYC 2017 Streaming Info

Women's March NYC 2017

Young lady control! A huge number of ladies have grouped together in New York City to remain in challenge of Donald Trump! From the serenades to big name visitors, don’t miss a solitary snapshot of the memorable occasion! Watch the Women’s March NYC 2017 live stream here.

Get all the details on when the event begins, the route, speakers and more below.

DATE: January 21, 2017

10:30 a.m. ET – Facebook Live March Salute in unison with Women’s March in London.
10:45 – 11:55 a.m. ET – Speakers & Rally at Dag Hammarskjold.
11:55 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. ET – Marchers leave Dag Hammarskjold.
11:55 a.m. – 4:15 p.m. ET – Guest speakers, music and activities continue.

OFFICIAL START TIMES: The official website lists the following as the organized start times for all the participants –
a)Group 1 – 11:55 GROUPS – Lead Organizer A-F, Broadway Strong, and Eleanor’s Legacy.
b)Group 2 – 12:30 GROUPS – Lead Organizer last name: G-P
c)Group 3 – 12:45 GROUPS – Lead Organizer last name: Q-Z
d)Group 4 – 1:00 MARCHERS last name: A-B
e)Group 5 – 1:15 MARCHERS last name: C-F
f)Group 6 – 1:30 MARCHERS last name: G-I
g)Group 7 – 1:45 MARCHERS last name: J
h)Group 8 – 2:00 MARCHERS last name: K-L and Lady Parts Justice League.
i)Group 9 – 2:15 MARCHERS last name: M
j)Group 10 – 2:30 MARCHERS last name: N-Q
k)Group 11 – 2:45 MARCHERS last name: R
l)Group 12 – 3:00 MARCHERS last name: S
m)Group 13 – 3:15 MARCHERS last name: T-V
n)Group 14 – 3:30 MARCHERS last name: W-Z
o)Group 15 – 3:45 GROUPS who registered after January 13, 2017.
p)Group 16 – 4:00 MARCHERS who didn’t register.
q)Group 17 – 4:15 The finale.

Women’s March NYC 2017 LIVE STREAM: The live stream of the occasion starts at 10:30 a.m. ET and on the off chance that you might want to watch it, click here and afterward look down a tad bit to see the video. There is likewise a live stream of the Women’s March on London airing underneath it.

Women’s March NYC 2017 Area: The March and Rally starts at Dag Hammarskjold Plaza on 47th Street in the vicinity of first and second Avenues. Marchers will walk south along second Avenue to East 42nd Street and after that will turn right and walk west to fifth Avenue. They will turn right again and walk north to East 55th Street, finishing at Trump Tower at 721 fifth Avenue.

Extra MARCH ENTRY POINTS: If you don’t join the walk toward the begin, there are two passage indicates for you look over, which are 42nd Street and Park Avenue or fifth Avenue and 53rd Street.


Best Black Friday Deals 2016

black friday deals

It’s that time of the year. This week is when we empty our bank accounts because of all the sweet, sweet Black Friday deals.

If you want to see every deal we’ve found, check out our Black Friday deals page.

Like most people, our wallets only have so much cash in them. So to help you spend each cent wisely, we rounded up some of the top deals we’ve come across.

Black Friday Deals


If you need to buy a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or 3DS this year, you’re in luck. There’s some fine deals for you this year.

If you’re looking to get a PS4 Slim, several retailers are offering deals on the console. Whether you want the console as is, bundled with games or even with a TV, you can have your pick.

Regardless of what size hard drive you want, Microsoft is offering some great deals on the Xbox One S.
Nintendo isn’t offering many deals this year, but their super cheap New Nintendo 3DS deal is amazing.


This year, several dollars will go a long way if you’re looking to get new games. Like consoles, several retailers are offering huge discounts on games. If you’ve waited to buy games this year, you’ll be glad you did.

Microsoft is offering discounts on new Xbox games and some exclusive deals for Xbox Live Gold members.

Toys R’ Us and Walmart have some deals on WiiU and 3DS games. More info on what games are on offer at our Nintendo deals page.

If you’re on PC you’ve got options. The Steam Autumn Sale has over 1,200 games on sale. If you want even more PC game deals, check out GOG’s Black Friday sale.

For more specific deals on PC, Origin users can get big discounts on Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2, among other deals.

For fans of Blizzard games like Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, StarCraft 2 and more, you should check out Blizzard’s Black Friday sale.


Best Buy, BJ’s Wholesale Club and Gamestop are offering deals on the PlayStation Dual Shock 4.

Microsoft is offering free laser engraving for custom controllers as well as deals on headsets. More details on our Xbox deals page.


For some, their TV is just as important as what console they’re playing. And while just about every retailer on the planet is going to have a deal for a multitude of TVs, we’d love to give you our honest advice on two worthwhile choices.

For a full list recommendations, check out our 4K TV deals post.

The Samsung KS8000 is one of our top picks for a 4K TV. Without getting too technical, the KS8000 excels in Game Mode in 1080p and its frame rate in 4K and HDR mode is nearly as good. The built in app support and ability to use universal remotes are huge pluses. It retails for around $899 on Amazon.
The 2016 Vizio P (C1) is also a stunning TV worth considering. While it uses Dolby Vision, not HDR, it still is impressive. It has incredibly low lag in both 1080p and 4K mode, which makes it perfect for gaming. What really sets it apart is the small tablet it comes with, instead of a remote. It sells for about $799 at Best Buy.

AMA Award 2016 : Who’s Performing at the American Music Awards

AMA Award 2016

Who’s performing at the American Music Awards?

A whole lot of people. As announced on October 19, Bruno Mars will open this year’s AMAs. He’ll likely perform “24K Magic,” the title track to his upcoming album, or a medley including “Chunky,” which Mars debuted on SNL.

Watch American Music Awards 2016 Live Stream


Lady Gaga will also perform during the 2016 AMAs. She announced the news on Twitter, writing, “Bringing #JOANNE to the @AMAs on 11/20! See u there!”

Niall Horan will mark his budding post-One Direction career with a performance of his new single, “This Town,” while Justin Bieber will put in a performance from Zurich, where he’s currently on the road with the Purpose World Tour.

Date, Time & TV Schedule

The 2016 AMAs will broadcast live from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles tonight (Sunday, Nov. 20) at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The ceremony, hosted by model Gigi Hadid and comedian Jay Pharoah, will also be available for live streaming through and the network’s official app.

ABC is available in the Syracuse area on the following channels:

Time Warner: Channel 1200 (SD & HD) and channel 9 for non-digital customers
Verizon FiOS: Channel 509 (HD) and 9 (SD)
DirectTV: Channel 9 (SD & HD)
Dish Network: Channel 9 (SD &HD)
New Visions: Channel 609 (HD) and 9 (SD)

Who are the American Music Awards nominees?

Drake leads the pack with a record-setting 13 nominations, Rihanna‘s up for seven, while Adele and Justin Bieber are both up for five. Check out the full list of 2016 AMAs nominees below.

Favorite Album Pop/Rock:

Adele, 25
Justin Bieber, Purpose
Drake, Views

Favorite Female Artist, Pop/Rock:

Selena Gomez

Favorite Male Artist, Pop/Rock:

Justin Bieber
The Weeknd

Favorite Artist, Adult Contemporary:

Rachel Platten
Meghan Trainor

Favorite Duo or Group, Pop/Rock:

The Chainsmokers
Twenty One Pilots

Artist of the Year:

Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez
Ariana Grande
Twenty One Pilots
Carrie Underwood
The Weeknd

Favorite Female Artist – Soul/R&B:

Janet Jackson

Collab of the Year:

The Chainsmokers & Daya
Drake, Kyla & Wizkid
Fifth Harmony & Ty Dolla $ign
Rihanna & Drake
Meghan Trainor & John Legend

New Artist of the Year Un-leashed by T-Mobile:

Alessia Cara
The Chainsmokers
Shawn Mendes
Zayn Malik

Video of the Year:

Justin Bieber, “Sorry”
Desiigner, “Panda”
Rihanna & Drake, “Work”

Favorite Artist – Rap/Hip-Hop:

Fetty Wap

Favorite Female Artist – Country:

Kelsea Ballerini
Carrie Underwood

Favorite Album – Country:

Luke Bryan
Chris Stapleton
Carrie Underwood
Favorite Song – Country
Florida Georgia Line
Tim McGraw
Thomas Rhett
Favorite Artist – EDM
The Chainsmokers
Calvin Harris
Major Lazer
Favorite Artist – Alternative Rock
Twenty One Pilots
X Ambassadors

Favorite Artist – Contemporary Inspirational:

Lauren Daigle
Hillsong United
Chris Tomlin
Favorite Artist – Latin
Enrique Iglesias
Nicky Jam
J Balvin

Top Soundtrack:

Prince, Purple Rain
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Suicide Squad

Favorite Duo or Group – Country:

Florida Georgia Line
Old Dominion
Zac Brown Band

Favorite Song – Rap/Hip-Hop:

Desiigner, “Panda”
Drake, “Hotline Bling”
Fetty Wap, “679”

Favorite Album – Soul/R&B Nominees:

Beyoncé, Lemonade
Rihanna, Anti
Bryson Tiller, TRAPSOUL

Favorite Song – Pop/Rock:

Adele, “Hello”
Justin Bieber, “Love Yourself”
Drake feat. Wizkid & Kyla, “One Dance”

Tour of the Year:

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Favorite Male Artist – Soul/R&B:

Chris Brown
Bryson Tiller
The Weeknd

source :

UFC 205 Fight Card, Time & TV Schedule

ufc 205

McGregor vs Alvarez Fight stake

Conor McGregor, the featherweight titleholder is venturing up to challenge for Eddie Alvarez’s lightweight title in the main encounter between two sitting champions of isolated weight divisions since UFC 94, in 2009.

McGregor vs Alvarez Live PPV Here


McGregor touches base off the back of two battles with Nate Diaz in the heavier welterweight class, and has reacted wildly to feedback that he has not yet shielded his featherweight title since winning it inside 13 seconds against Jose Aldo last December.

Facilitate down the bill, Stephen Thompson will attempt to oust Tyron Woodley as ruler of the welterweight division, after Woodley guaranteed the crown from Robbie Lawlor at UFC 201.

Stat Eddie Alvarez Conor McGregor
Nationality USA Ireland
Record 28-4-0 20-3-0
KO/TKO rate 61% 85%
Submission rate 18% 5%
Decision rate 21% 10%
Height 5’9″ 5’9″
Weight 70kg (155lbs) 70kg (155lbs)
Arm reach 69″ 74″
Leg reach 40″ 40″

UFC 205 Fight Card

Lightweight: Eddie Alvarez vs Conor McGregor

Welterweight: Tyron Woodley vs Stephen Thompson
Women’s Strawweight: Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Karolina Kowalkiewicz
Middleweight: Chris Weidman vs Yoel Romero
Welterweight: Kelvin Gastelum vs Donald Cerrone
Women’s Bantamweight: Miesha Tate vs Raquel Pennington

Prelim card (Fox)

Featherweight: Frankie Edgar vs Jeremy Stephens
Lightweight: Khabib Nurmagomedov vs Michael Johnson
Middleweight: Rafael Natal vs Tim Boetsch
Welterweight: Vicente Luque vs Belal Muhammad

Prelim card (UFC Fight Pass)

Lightweight: Jim Miller vs Thiago Alves
Women’s Bantamweight: Liz Carmouche vs Katlyn Chookagian

Time and TV Schedule

Everything gets started from NYC beginning at 7 p.m. ET with two fights on UFC Fight Pass, which you can order online. Then, the action shifts to Fox Sports 1 for a four-fight prelim card beginning at 8 p.m. ET, with a featured bout of Frankie Edgar taking on Jeremy Stephens.

Then, the main show kicks off at 10 p.m. ET live on pay-per-view. You can order the fights for $59.99 through your local cable provider or stream the fights on your computer or set top box from UFC.TV.

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