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PDF is an important system. Although we all have books, we don’t always keep them with us. It can be difficult to locate a book when one forgets the subject. This is why it is a great advantage to have a PDF copy of your textbooks. It is portable and can be read anywhere. You can also copy and paste from it whenever you need. This is an important service.

Udvash is unique in that it follows a set of principles. For example, Udvash’s principle of encouraging understanding rather than rote memorization. Udvash doesn’t give any suggestions or notes to students. Udvash encourages students to understand and dig deeper into the subject matter and encourages true learning.

Udvash was founded with the belief that education is more than just getting degrees and certificates. It is also about living a fulfilling life. Education is more than just getting good grades. Education is about teaching people how to learn, how to live a happy life, and how to become a better Manus (different and more valuable).


We will be looking at some PDF books by Udvas that aren’t easily accessible on the internet today. It’s not easy to say, but it would be incorrect to say that we use these books all the time. I searched the internet for HSC PDF books and found them. It was impossible to gather all of the books but it will be done. InshaAllah, we will soon publish the links to other books. Let’s get the books downloaded now. All of us can benefit from this. InshaAllah.

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Physics 2nd Paper Question Bank

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Chemistry 1st paper Question Bank

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Chemistry 2nd paper Question Bank

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Higher Mathematics 1st paper Question Bank

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Higher Mathematics 2nd paper Question Bank

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A world of mutual cooperation can make it more beautiful…

InshaAllah, this year’s engineering questions bank should prove to be more helpful than ever. We do our best to ensure that the book is error-free. InshaAllah, I’d be grateful if anyone could let me know via email about any mistakes in the book.

These topics should be included in the Email: (i) Name Question Bank subject, Version (Bangla/English), (iii). Page number (iii). Line number / Question number / Name topic (iv) What do you think should go? mistake (v) The example should read Engineering Question Bank, Bangla Version Page-21 Line-08 / Question-5. Radius = 5, but will be radius = 2. We are open to any suggestions for quality improvements without error.
Final words: I wish you all the best in the great Allah.
Happy searching
Demonstration of sound education

Each year, thousands of girls and boys travel abroad to pursue higher education. Many of these students finish their education and move to the country permanently, often with a job or business. Many of these students eventually move to their home country. Comfortable living conditions abroad are a sign of love for their country. Sometimes these people act as our inspiration and sometimes as our mentors.
Encouragement and humble respect for those who are less fortunate

Investing in teachers, and creating a culture that holds them accountable

Udvash hires only the best teachers. It also helps them to continue learning and improving every day. Udvash has developed a system for grooming teachers, providing feedback on their performance and giving them incentives to improve. Grooming is the actual training. He explains that grooming is referred to as training, but it sounds much simpler.

Then, the new teachers can teach students. Udvash offers a built-in feedback system that allows students to send feedback after classes about their teacher’s performance. The teachers receive the feedback in the form of a text message.

We not only collect reports from the initial groomers but also monitor teachers’ performance on a daily basis. We monitor teacher performance in classes. We are passionate about having the best Udvash teachers. We offer a good salary. To attract and retain the best teachers, we provide excellent facilities. Mr Sayem says that Udvash terminates teachers who fail to perform in several classes consecutively even after grooming. We give them feedback and encourage them to keep improving before they start taking classes again. Senior teachers regularly visit new teachers’ classes, take notes, and give feedback. The observation is also reported by these senior teachers.”

Udvash also has guidelines for teachers. It does not permit smoking. Teachers can’t smoke. It discourages smoking and other bad behaviours both inside and outside Udvash. Udvash’s thesis is that humans learn by imitation. Learning is achieved by imitating others. Teachers are imitators of students. Udvash has a dream to create OnnoRokom Manush. (See this article). It suggests that having great teachers is one way to invite students to be OnnoRokom Manush.

It has created a safe environment, especially for female students, through the process. According to Mr Sayem, in the past, many mothers of female students would come and stay with their students during class. It has slowed down over time. Many parents feel that Udvash has the same safety as their home for their children.

There are approximately 200-250 teachers who work regularly in Udvash’s 42 branches during admission season. It has 40-50 teachers who are regulars and occasional ones. These teachers are drawn from a list that includes 1600-1700 teachers who participate in Udvash’s teacher recruitment process.

The perfect environment for passionate teachers

Udvash is known for its ability to find brilliant students over the years. After completing their academic education, some of the former teachers at Udvash have gone on to do extremely well in their professional careers. This is confirmed by Mr Sayem. According to him, almost all Udvash students do well in their chosen careers after graduating. Many of our teachers were excellent in academics and have done well on the job market.

According to Mr Sayem, many Udvash teachers are from families where Udvash has made a positive impact on their lives. They could make extra money to support their studies. Many could help their families when there is a family need. Others find passion in teaching and are better people as a result.
Udvash not only has a great culture for students but also a great culture for teachers. It is a culture that inspires teachers to be better as individuals and in their jobs.

Since joining Udvash in 2006, Mr Sayem has had the opportunity to meet many Udvash teachers. One of his qualities is a sense of purposeful selflessness and a contagious devotion towards students. Chamok Hasan is a former teacher at Udvash who is now a BUTian. He has been well-known for his humorous way of teaching science and math through YouTube videos. After graduating from BUET, Chamok moved to the USA to continue his studies. He is also the author of several popular books in Bangla on science and math. Udvash’s star teachers include Mr Chamok. Chamok bhai was humble, well-mannered, selfless, and extremely dedicated to his students. No matter how much inconvenience it caused, Chamok bhai would not show irritation or annoyance. His classes had a start time, but not a set ending time. He was so passionate about his teaching that he would ignore class hours. We were not paying him extra for teaching more hours. An excellent teacher should be able to understand the needs of his/her students. He/She puts students’ needs first.”

It is a culture that continues to inspire passion for teaching. According to Mr Sayem, this tradition dates back to Udvash’s early days when Mr Mahmudul Hazar Sohag and Mr Liton were teachers. They taught long hours and were extremely dedicated to their students.

Udvash provides generous compensation for the hard work of teachers. Udvash’s teacher remuneration system ensures that all teachers are rewarded for their efforts and time. Udvash has generously paid its teachers. Teachers who travel to Dhaka for classes receive additional remuneration, as well as travel and accommodation allowances. Udvash arranges on-site stays for teachers at its Dhaka branches.

How to read a pdf book on your mobile device

Many people can’t view PDF books on their mobile phones, as they don’t have any PDF readers. Our phones cannot read PDF files without a PDF reader. If you don’t have a PDF reader installed on your mobile, you can download it by clicking the link below.

Notification: We don’t scan files ourselves. Students can access PDFs from various Facebook groups and websites. Thanks.

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