Uttam Kumar Biography, Childhood, Movie life, Death

Uttam Kumar is revered for being one of the greatest heroes and legends of Bengali cinema. Uttam Kul was the first Bengali superstar after independence.

Arun Kumar began his career in Bengal with a few commercially unsuccessful films. But, after a while, he was the most famous hero of Bengal. She was known as Matinee Idol in her day. Uttam was a popular name for the youth.

Uttam Kumar Biography, Childhood, Movie life, Death
Uttam Kumar Biography, Childhood, Movie life, Death

“Mahanayak Uttam Kumar’s notable performance in movies will always reside in our heart which would keep inspiring us throughout life,” she said.

Uttam Kumar was born on September 3 1926. He was also known for the role of Arunkumar Chattopadhyay. His charismatic acting style was refreshing in Bengali film and helped him rule over the film industry by naming him Mahanayak.

Actor Prosenjit Chatterjee, who played the character, Uttam Kumar, on a television series, opened up the heart of his character in a Facebook post. He wrote that Kumar is close to all Bengalis. The character he played in the show “Mahanayak” character will remain in every heart for the rest of time.

Uttam Kumar Childhood

Uttam Kumar was conceived in Mamarbari, Ahiritola (Calcutta) on September 3, 1926. His paternal residence is in Calcutta, Bhabanipur.

Uttam Kumar’s real name is Arun Kumar Chatterjee. His father was Satkari Chatterjee, and his mother was Chapla Devi. His only brothers are Varun and Tarun.

He was educated initially at South Suburban School. Later, he was admitted to Goenka College for further studies. He studied commerce and business at Goenka College. His education was not complete and he became a clerk at the Calcutta Post Trust.

Movie life

He used to be an actor in Suhrid Samaj Natyagosthi, apart from his job. It is well-known as the family drama group.

He brought everyone’s attention to Mayador’s play, directed by Nitin Bose. In 1948, he began his film career with Drishtidan, directed by Nitin Borse.

He used to use his real name Arun K. Chatterjee during this period. In 1953, he acted in 74 films that Nirmal directed. This was at a time when his career was in jeopardy after a string of flops.

This film featured Uttam Kumar in a supporting role, but Vanu Bandyopadhyay and Jahar Roy were the main attractions. Uttam Kumar was very popular at the time, and it became a hit with the public.

This picture is the beginning of Uttam Kul and Suchitra Sen’s triumph. This pair became a legend in Bengali film history.
Uttam Kumar didn’t need to look back after taking this photo. He has played the role of the leader until the end of his life.

Pair with Uttam Kumar


Suchitra Senuttam Kumar – This is the legendary couple in Bengali cinema. They have appeared in over 30 films together, and each one has been a great success. They have acted in many notable films including Harano Sur and Agni Pariksha. They held the title “Best” for nearly twenty years.


Supriya Devi, who is also a fan of Suchitra Sen’s pairing with Uttam Kul, says that the heroine’s choice to partner with Uttam Kun is equally talked about. Their triumph began with the golden deer. They then acted together in films such as Uttarayan and Kal Tumi Aleya.

Uttam Kumar had a close relationship with Supriya Devi, outside of the film industry. He abandoned his wife and his home and spent the seventeen years of his adult life with Supriya Devi. Supriya Devi, who also left her husband, devoted herself entirely to Uttam Kumar.


Savitri Chatterjee and Uttam Supriya’s craze for Uttam Suchitra were over, and Savitri Chatterjee paired up with Uttam. In interviews, Uttam Kumar described Savitri Chatterjee as a talented actress.

Their two brothers, Nishi Patel and Mummer Alo are worth mentioning. Uttam Kumar’s comedy performances in comedy films such as Dhany Mey and Mouchak, paired with Savitri, still win the hearts of viewers.


Uttam Kumar, who was only 53 years old, died from a heart attack on July 24, 1980. He was 53 years of age. Ogo Bandhu was filming a movie at that time. He suffered a heart attack while filming on the final day.

The Bengali cinema community is in deep mourning for his passing. The entire city of Calcutta was on the road for his final journey. Uttam Kumar will always be remembered as a hero by Bengalis, so long Bengali cinema continues to exist.

The members who were part of Shilpi Sansad, set up by Kumar in the year 1968, to provide cash assistance to artists who are who need treatment or for emergencies they demanded the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to renovate the office building for the organisation and declare it a historic building.

The chairperson at present of the group Rituparna Sengupta has said that she’ll do it in order to “unite the artists” and keep the lustre of the organization.

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